I remembered as a fresher in the United kingdom I was invited to a dinner party, where I was served a meal that I did not even enjoy because the three course meal did not contain the usual suspects on an African man’s food table, talking about foods like Eba, Amala, Poundo yam with Efo riro.

Not to embarrass myself before they label me as JJC I managed to swallow all the foods; I mean as in swallow it like you are taking a medication so I don’t have to taste the food and end up throwing up on the table. As if that was not enough, after the meal I stood up to start heading home for a quick off load, only for the waiter to stop me at the door that where am I going without paying, I pointed at the celebrant who gave me a ‘NO nod straight away, that was the moment I knew  I’m in  big sh…t because I don’t even have a bus pass to get home let alone paying for food I did not eat, sorry that I did not enjoy anyway…… Guess what happened next?

I ended up washing plates for 5 hours before they released me.


I have seen a lot of diversity regarding the moral of who pays if a group of people go out to a restaurant to celebrate someone’s birthday, one school of thought believes the celebrant should pay for everyone, some will argue that it is considered to be a gift to the birthday celebrant so everyone pays for their own or everyone just goes dutch  (sharing the bill), including the celebrant.

looking at this from an African perspective, the Celebrants provides all the refreshment at a dinner or party, but it’s different in the western world as every man carries his own problem, so  we  need to understand when we are not in Africa, like the saying  “if you are in Rome behave like the Romans” . Also bear in mind that not every african man was born or grew up in Africa.

Davido reacts to claims that his boys beat up Taxify driver in lekki..." nah my week be this".

Another point is that we are not all equal financially and our celebration method differs , some people might not want to or have the resources to host a big party  but still will  love to have all their friends, families and love ones around on their special day, so  if they invite you out just honour the invitation baring in mind you might end up paying for what you drink or eat as a sign of showing love and support.

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