If you’re an African and you are being invited to a party one of the greatest excitement you will be looking forward to is the variety of food that will be available at the venue at your disposal, in fact some parties are serve yourself (buffet) when it comes to item 7, but a Nigerian lady Seyi Akiwowo from London chewed more than she could swallow when she was asked by the bride who is her friend to pay for her meal to cover the cost.

Akiwowo, left, and her friend, right, put 25 euros into an envelope at the end of the night

Seyi travelled all the way from London to Romanian footing all the bills including the flight, hotel accommodation and transportation to support the wedding of a former work colleague who is from the European country.


Sharing her story on twitter, Seyi described how well organised and classy the wedding was including the goody bags being shared among guests until an announcement was made asking all the guest to contribute in little white envelopes at the end of the day.

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Wedding guest Seyi Akiwowo, pictured right hugging the bride

 Seyi who was in company of one of her friend was short on euros but they both manage to contribute 25 euros and thought no more of it, until they arrived back in London to an email which first thought was a thank you message and check up to see if they arrived safely but no! it was rather a tongue-lashing message suggesting they hadn’t contributed enough, she was expecting at least 75 euros to cover the costs related to the menu, drinks and the location’  sending her bank details for immediate transfer of the funds . Read the screen shot of the shocking message below:

Should people be hosting a wedding party if they cannot afford to cover all the expenses including the food and drinks of the invited guests? Please drop a comment below.

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