You will thank us later for this information but please ignore the sensitivity of the title about sex and concentrate on the underlining health information that can be of great benefit and words of advice: This is not a reason to “start to dey FIA anyhow” Abeg AIDS is real O! my people.

Yes, in addition to whatever worries people might be having; be it financial, emotional, family and career just to mention a few, having enough sex or not now needs to be added to the list.

What is vaginal atrophy, specifically?

It is a common but treatable condition where the vaginal walls starts to thin out. The symptoms include discharge, burning, itching, difficulty peeing and pain during sex and are caused by a decrease in the production of the female sex hormone Oestrogen according to Dr Louise Mazanti, a London based sex therapist. It is also understood that while it can affect anyone, women going through the menopause are more likely to experience it according to a report, because of the decreased amount of Oestrogen their bodies are producing. More so, women who have been treated for cancer (breast cancer in particular) may also be affected.


A sexless life can lead to depression

Prevention and Cure

I’m sure many will be happy to hear this, the simple cure and prevention to Vaginal Atrophy is keeping sexually active, this will help in combating because regular orgasms will help to relieve the symptoms by increasing blood flow. in short it’s all about exercising the tissue. Massaging and touching the tissue makes it become more alive allowing the blood flow thus making the tissue more elastic.


It’s not new that doctors always emphasis the importance of having a healthy sex life. People will often say, ‘I don’t have a sex life because I don’t have a partner’, Dr Mazanti explained that not having regular sex can also have some serious side effects on a person’s mental health, it can lead to depression, identity crisis and deep consideration of an existential nature. “When your ability to have sex and your desire to have sex decreases, it is a massive change in identity”, he added. I think we now have an idea why people get extremely moody sometimes

Every woman needs to be happy

My advice if you’re not having sex as a result of being single, is to avoid ‘Vaginal Atrophy please visit the Doctor for more advice. Thanks for reading Please share this article because “VAGINAL ATROPHY IS REAL!!!

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