According to report released by the Office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom, a UK government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom. The annual report, which was based on 2,000 interviews revealed that children are becoming addicted that they are abandoning children activities like spending time with friends or getting involved in hobbies and a growing number of parents admitted to researchers that they had lost control of their children as a result. See a snap shot of the report below.

Many of the parents involved in the research were shocked to learn what their children had been watching online which includes deeply disturbing material that they often come across by accident while they were searching for something else, and part of the problem is that children prefer to watch content on the web on their own without parental supervision.

Do you know what your children are up to online?

Compared to the past, children of this generation prefers YouTube to old-fashioned television or TV because they could easily access exactly what they wanted to watch which includes their obsessions with YouTube celebrities that they idolise as role models. More than half of the children surveyed said social media can be very misleading and unrealistic, which makes the children want to appear glamorous at all times most especially the girls wanting to appear prettier, as a result they are now addicted to applying makeup or filters to all their images online which could make them targets to paedophiles.

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In the early years, children need interaction with other people, and play as part of growing up. Do you think the internet is helping children to learn more and develop fast or you think it’s damaging to their childhood exposing them to adulthood at a very early stage? Please share your thoughts below.


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