A 17year old girl plotted a terror attack on London under the guise of an Alice In Wonderland-themed tea party. Safaa Boular was aged 17 when she planned to “unleash violence and terror in the heart of London” by launching a grenade and gun attack on the British Museum.

The young teenager planned the attack following a failed bid to marry an IS fighter Naweed Hussain who was killed in Syria before she could join him. They both planned to suicide belt each other, holding hands and taking others with them in an act of terrorism but British Security Services had deployed specially-trained role play officers to engage with Boular and Hussain – who talked about an ambush involving Russian-style guns and “pineapples”, code for grenades – online to keep track of their activities.

FILE PICTURE – Police tape off Harlesden Road, Willesden, North-West London after they raided the home of suspects.

When Boular found out about Hussain’s death in April last year, she told an officer posing as an IS fighter that all she needed was a “car and a knife to get what I want to achieve” and she said she had no time to “lounge around”, adding: “My heart yearns to be reunited with my dear husband for the very first time. Boular was stopped by police at Stansted en route home from a holiday in Morocco in August 2016. While in custody for allegedly attempting to travel to IS territory, Boular passed on the baton to her 21-year-old sister Rizlaine Boular. Rizlaine and her mother Mina Dich, 43, carried out reconnaissance around major landmarks in Westminster and bought a pack of knives and a rucksack but on April 27 last year – the day of the proposed knife attack around the Palace of Westminster – police swooped to arrest Rizlaine and also the mother,


Safaa Boular mother Mina Dich, who was also arrested for being part of the terror plot.

The number of arrests for terror offences in the UK has risen by almost 70 percent in a year to a record high and the Government has been increasing efforts to combat the presence of online propaganda and communications between militants using encrypted messaging apps to lure and recruit young people to join the act of terrorism. May God continue to protect us all.

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