Have you ever wondered why some people wake up in the morning and they are so full of life and excited ready to kick-start the day, while some will wake up and look like the situation of Nigeria at the moment. The assurance that your day will run smoothly sometimes could be linked to how many rounds of “BED-MINTON” game you played a night before, “I no go use any sugar cover am: I’m talking about sex here, yes sex!

Investigation carried out by a professor at Oregon State University, has confirmed that having sex the night before a working day can boost productivity and give a greater sense of work satisfaction.

A total of 159 couples with full time jobs participated in a survey every day for two weeks. The surveys questions concentrated on the participant’s mood and sense of work engagement day-in day-out. The result revealed that couples who had engaged in sexual activity the night before reported more positive moods the next day. The elevation in mood not only lasted 24 hours but also powered them through a more successful working day, leading to “sustained work engagement and job satisfaction”. But how exactly does it work?

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