A young and beautiful lady was tied down in Ijebu-ode area of Ogun state on wednessday, when people discovered she was acting strange.

This happened when the said lady, identified as Blessing, a student of Adekumle Ajasin University was dropped of from a Lexus SUV. After alighting from the SUV, she immediately began to act like a lunatic.

People tried to interview her, so as to look for her relatives or try to help her, but all was to no avail as she could not give a cohesive answer.

This and many others shows that there is an increase of ritualist activities this festive period, so many young men and women are all out to make money by any means.

Everyone is therefore warned to be careful of the company they keep, do not trust anyone, even your best friend might have marked you for rituals this season.

Let close relatives have an idea of your whereabout at every point in time.

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