Lately the whole world woke up to a nightmare turned reality about slave trade still in existence in this modern day. Every media house and  social media platform was flooded with the news of Migrants and refugees  being sold into slavery in Libya. According to report more than 150,000 migrants and refugee have crossed into Europe from Libya in hopes of making their way to a new life yearly and more than 3,000 people had drowned with an estimation between 400,000 and 1 million migrants still trapped in the country. The situation of political instability in the the country after the civil war and the influx of people from other Africa country has led to a situation where stranded men and women are being held against their will by smugglers and criminals robbing, raping, murdering them and their women sold into prostitution. Now the question is who should really be blamed?

To be fair can we really put all the blame on the Libya government  considering that all this atrocities is bound to happen  based on the fact that there is really no rule of law across much of the war thorn country.

Those who embark on this journey are partially if not totally aware of the consequence of there actions, that not only there is the possibility that they could end up as slaves but also loosing their lives in the process. During my interview on BENTV UK I used the phrase “opt-in” meaning desperation can make people to take the choice of been enslave in other to survive. The primary purpose of people leaving their country is to work abroad, but to achieve this you need to go through the right process. The alternative is a short cut which is why people find them selves in such situations. A friend of mine in Libya confirmed to me that people fight for any job with any condition just to survive.

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Watch a little clip of my interview with Doctor Pauline Long on BEN TELEVISION on this matter BELOW:


Slavery is everywhere even in America and Great Britain and also we have slavery among people of the same colour, ethnicity let alone within families. We’ve had situation of people using their own brothers and sisters as slave in the western world just because they secured their visa and bought there tickets to travel abroad.

Not to dwell too much on this, in my opinion I think the solution is in the hand of the Government and the people from the countries affected not the Libya government. The government should do the right thing to stop people from travelling using unsafe routes and also  educating them about the danger and more so the people as well should have a rethink of their actions in other to make a choice: Will you rather stay in your country hungry or travel to or through a country that is battling there own demons which could lead to foreigners being enslaved or death? Please leave a comment to share your view. Thanks for reading.



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