Bad news for commuters who depend on taxis to move around London as the Giant minicab operator UBER  has been stripped of its license to operate in London because of passenger safety concerns in the city.

After several months of investigation into the company’s activities Transport for London (TfL) found the cases of unlicensed and uninsured drivers picking up thousands of passengers and at least 14,000 trips were made with drivers who were different from the ones shown on the app.

The development is being received with mixed reaction among Londoners, with some feeling disappointed by the decision because they rely heavily on the app to get around with their daily business and also the most affordable means but others welcomed the news, saying it could help traveling in London safer.

Uber now has 21 days to appeal the decision and can continue to operate during that time but must convince the TFL that it can continue to operate without breach of transport law and regulations.

Have you had any memorable experience either good or bad using Uber in the past? Please share your thought on this development with us.



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