As I write this Water is rolling down my eyes but I’m not sure if it is tears as a result of the emotional attachment I have for this group or it’s the stress that I’m going down this road again about the GIANT Afrobeat duo Psquare breaking up again but this time I think it’s for good. Both parties had confirmed this on social media and also released official statement. See termination letter filed by Paul Okoye below.

Peter was the first to drop the bomb shell In his statement that he had enough of the drama and wants out of the Psqaure group and to confim this he now unveil is solo stage name Mr. P, he also stated that he loves his brothers and their families, and he wishes him the very best.

Paul also confirmed the break up in a post via his own Instagram page, talking about jealousy and restlessness in the family indirectly calling out Peter’s wife Lola – saying; “Only a woman can come where there’s peace and destroy it. Try me this time, I swear Nyash go open. You will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju.”

There has been feud in the family for years now since both started their own families a video was also circulating on social media showing the brothers verbally abusing each other at their lawyer’s office Mr Festus Keyamo. My question for you is this. Should both ignore the existence of their new family at the expense of the union they have together as brothers and singing partner since childbirth or just move on with a new life with their individual family? Please leave a comment below.

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