Remember the story of 3 British teenagers who left their family in east London in 2015 to join the Islamic State group, Well, one of the girls probably the only one alive is making effort to come back to the UK.

Ms Shamima Begum who was only 15 when she left the UK in 2015 with two other friends, Amira 15, and Kadiza sixteen. The three pupils of Green academy high school Bethnal green London flew from Gatwick Airport to Turkey after telling their parents they were going out for the day. They later crossed the border into Syria and got married to ISIS fighters. One of them later died in a bombing when the house she was living at with her husband was attacked by Russian coalition forces. The fate of the third girl is still unknown.

Ms Begum who is pregnant with the third child had lost two babies already. Her first child, a girl, died at the age of one year and nine months, her second child was the first to die three months ago at the age of eight months from an illness that was compounded by malnutrition, now her worries is that the child she is about to give birth to would die like her other children if she continues to stay at the refugee camp among 39,000 other people in northern Syria where she had been staying after herself and husband escaped from Baghuz the group’s last territory in eastern Syria.

In an interview with the Times Newspaper, Ms Begum admited that she never regretted leaving the UK and the life she has been living at the ISIS camp is like any other normal life, she even bragged about seeing beheaded heads in bins and she never fazed out not even once. Now her only reason for wanting to get back to Britain is only because she knows herself and her unborn baby will be taken care of health-wise.


Considering her lack of remorse do you think she should be allowed back into the UK?. Give us your thought in the comment section below.

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