An obsessed Nigerian woman is facing jail for the second time after breaching a restraining order issued against her. Susan Okoya, 44, was jailed for 10 weeks and given a 10-year restraining order in May 2011 for continuously stalking  ex-England and Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand and frequently turned up uninvited at his family home which the ex England star said he feared for the safety of his family because of her behaviour.

Rio Ferdinand pictured extremely worried Susan might do more crazy stuffs


More than six years after, it’s obvious Susan hasn’t learnt her lesson, she recently hired Rio’s celebrity trainer Mel Deane with the hope of getting closer to the star in fact after she was asked to pay her bill for her training sessions her response sent via a text message was:  “I think you are going to have to ask Rio to pay for the sessions.” Another said: “LOL he will pay it because he wants me looking good for him.”

Susanne, was locked-up for a week after her arrest for allegedly breaching the order imposed by magistrates in 2011 and according to the prosecutor this is the second time she was caught breaching the ban.

Susan’s lawyer in her defence explained: ‘It’s all about two text messages she sent to the personal trainer of Rio Ferdinand and it’s about what her intention was and why she sent these text messages, she knows where Rio and his family lives if  truly  her intentions was to get close to him again. She claimed.


Could her excuse be a genuine coincident or is it just another case of unending obsession? leave a comment below.


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