A UK residence Nigerian man has been sent to 21 years in prison for punching a five year old boy causing a fatal brain bleeding in the brain that led to his death. Marvyn Iheanacho, 39, who has a history of violence against past partners and a child, was sentence to a minimum of 18 years for the little boy’s murder – and was later increased to a minimum of 21 years.

Alex Malcolm,5, died as a result of injury sustained after he was punched by step dad Marvyn Iheanacho.

Alex Malcolm,suffered 22 bruises all over his body inflicted by Iheanacho, his step dad who flew into a fit of rage after he lost a shoe in Mountsfield park in Catford, south-east London in November 2016. Iheanacho then carried Alex’s limp body to their home and punched his mum, Liliya Breha, when she tried to call the ambulance, screaming and crying at the sight of her son’s body. Witnesses at the court during the murder trial described how they heard the boy pleading ‘I’m sorry’ before a ‘sickening’ flurry of blows rang out against a metal gate from his so-called step dad.

According to inquest into the young boy’s death, there is a high possibility that Alex death could have been averted by the child safeguarding board, the local authorities and probation services, considering the release of Iheanacho five months before his brutal attack on the little boy.

Alex and mum Lilya Breha

The boy’s family are now looking into the possibility of negligence by the local authorities who failed to look into the level of risk Iheanacho posed, which could have prevented this risk posed to the child.


It was revealed during the murder trial that Iheanacho had a history of violence including six convictions for domestic abuse after he attacked five partners and a child.

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