House on Fire is the last thing any home will pray to experience but unfortunately it is a high possibility that can occur either by an accident or negligence. In the UK, in 2018, 6,871 fires were attended to and 1,985 of the fire incidence happened at the night (between 9pm and 9am) mostly when people are asleep and this is why the fire service team is issuing out a strong safety warning on what to do with your bedroom door at Night before going to bed.

An example of a house on fire

Firefighters team in New Fairfield, Connecticut, United states have released a jaw dropping picture showing just how important it can be to keep doors closed when going to bed. The  pictures taken was that of the main door to a bedroom which was taken when the members of New Fairfield’s Fire Departments along with mutual aid departments responded to a house fire incident.

Riley Holt, eight, Keegan Unitt, six, Tilly Rose Unitt, four, and Olly Unitt, three, were killed in a blaze in Stafford

One of the picture Revealed a big damage done to one side of a door while the next picture shows the other side of the same door with very little damage after the Fire, obviously protecting the bedroom and its contents which includes the people and a dog in the house when the fire started. see pictures below:


The picture of the doors gives a reminder about why it’s important to close them when you go to bed (Picture: New Fairfield’s Fire Departments)

Four children Riley Holt, eight, Keegan Unitt, six, Tilly Rose Unitt, four, and Olly Unitt, three, were killed in a blaze in Stafford, United Kingdom on Tuesday morning and in a bid to save lives, the pictures are now being used to urge people to shut themselves in while they are sleeping and parents are also advised to convince their little ones to sleep with the door closed because most kids will always like the door opened just a little bit when going to bed.


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