Not everyone is lucky when it comes to finding love and that is the reason why some people turn to Dating websites, a platform where people can find and introduce themselves to similar people looking to develop a personal, romantic, or sexual relationships, but sometimes a dating website can also be a nightmare that will make some people to prefer to stay single.

An Instagram account holder has collated screenshots submitted by Tinder users (a dating website) from around the world and it’s no surprise that some of the conversations don’t go to plan, some are just a put off for anyone looking for a relationship on such platforms. Some of the screenshots captured includes unwelcoming sexual comments, shocking chat lines, a¬†lady replied to a very blunt opening of ‘Do you want to have sex?’ with ‘Yes. But not with you’.

See below the screen shots of some of the hilarious and crazy messages people exchange on Tinder dating website with more than 57 million users around the world.

Jack immediately put his foot in it when his phone auto-corrected ‘far’ to ‘fat’

Another woman was unsure how to respond when the first message she received from a match was that she reminded him of their ex-girlfriend

When faced with Darren’s rather rude request, this woman chose to teach him a lesson in common courtesy

In this short lived conversation one woman didn’t tiptoe around the fact that she’s not always perfectly polished

It’s safe to say that not many singletons would be jumping at the chance to take part in a satanic ritual

Another individual gave a blunt response to a match who unexpectedly asked if they want to have sex

One person was unimpressed to see their latest potential date got their name wrong in their first interaction

One man assumed that his match was attempting a joke as her opening line – but it transpired she needed help with her tax return

A Tinder user with a criminal past attempted to convince their match to continue talking despite being behind bars

It seems that romance is not on the horizon for this bloke, who had quite clearly offended his match

After discovering that they had been cheated on, this man was determined to even the playing field

A Tinder user failed to impress with his rather explicit take on a classic nursery rhyme

This conversation had a promising start, but quickly turned sour when a man turned the chat made a lewd remark

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