Growing up in Nigeria, you would agree that money is usually not the topic discussed with teenagers becoming young adults. Money is only discussed when it is needed by someone or when it has been misplaced or wrongly spent.
Every other thing in between like budgeting, how to makes wise money decision, long term money goals, short term money goals, savings and most importantly investing, is usually not discussed with young adults in Nigeria except but a small percentage.
As a young Nigerian in your 20s, you would usually fall within one of these four categories; a fresh graduate, a just discharged corp member, an employee at the edge of kicking off your career, or an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to get started.
Regardless of where you belong, you must have accepted and come to terms with the money truths, so it’s time to start getting serious about managing your money and here is how to get started.

Educate yourself
By now you’ve probably realized that the education system has done a terrible job at teaching anything related to financial literacy, except of course you studied something relating to finance. But don’t worry, managing your money is simple once you educate yourself. Start by reading a book about personal finance, but be deliberate about it. if you want to be an entrepreneur, read books by successful entrepreneur an how they managed their money, as a career person, read books about successful executives and how they managed money. That way you don’t get confused when you want to apply it to yourself.


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