To escape a life of poverty and hopelessness many Africans have put their lives in Danger by taking the risk of travelling to both known and unknown destinations outside their place of birth. Many has perished on the road by the sea. Getting to the destination is not the end of the problem as they are faced yet with another bigger challenge on staying legally in the country else they will be thrown back to square one. One of the common but not the easiest route is getting married to a British citizen but it comes with a big price you either pay a arm or a leg or pay with your future happiness when true love is not in the equation.

Like many other developed countries the UK government is very strict when it comes to sham marriages, imposing a prison sentence on perpetrators and many case like that has been brought to light involving couples arrested on their wedding day after investigation reveals the wedding is fake.

This is another exclusive story of a desperate Nigerian student who contracted a marriage with an East European national in other to remain in the UK and in order to convince the immigration authority that their marriage is genuine….. find out more tomorrow on the dramatic events that took place before and after in this absolutely shocking, mind blowing and revealing movie “THE MARRIAGE” movie premier will take place tomorrow at  Friday the 26 of October 2018, 7:30 PM  at  ODEON IMAX Cinema Greenwich, Bugsby’s Way London SE10 0QJ.

Tickets are from £20 – £50

Brymo performs naked in UK show.




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