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One major worry on the mind of most Nigerians in the diaspora when it comes to investing or doing business back home is loosing their hard earned cash, which could be  falling in the hands of fraudstars, nonchalant family members or  political instability as in frequent change of government or policies, the good news is that these could be a thing of the past.


Speaking with Chief Bimbo Robert Afolayan (MBS CITP) founder of NDDIS (Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summits) an NGO set up to help Nigerians in the Diaspora and also British and International investors to set up businesses in Nigeria. He explained that he was once a victim of loosing money to a family member after spending so much years working hard here in the UK and when he decided to do something back home it ended up in a bitter experience for him and he knows his not alone in this experience. There has been many cases reported where people are scared of going back home after sending huge amount of money for investment for the fear of being killed which prompted him to set up this initiative going for five years now.

Chief Bimbo giving a speech

This year summit is expecting more people in attendance compared to previous years and the area of focus is mainly communication and technology an area Chief Bimbo is also an expert in. As an IT consultancy in the UK, he  has  participated in several bank and telecommunication merger projects across the UK and parts of Europe.

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Major projects include Nationwide Bank, Ulster Bank, IBM, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer’s, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest Bank, Halifax Bank and Bank of England amongst several others. He was part of the team that completed the harmonisation and re-branding of NTL, Telewest, and Virgin Telecoms (Virgin Media) and also the merger of NatWest Bank with other financial institutions with the Royal Bank of Scotland brand. A senior partner of ABN Limited based in the UK.

The summit is going to last for two days starting May 10th – 11th 2018 at Amba Charing cross LONDON WCN2N 5HX. 9am till 5pm.

Expected to attend are major communication companies both from the UK and Nigeria, the Nigerian Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, other government officials, business leaders, equipment and technology suppliers, bankers, entrepreneurs, states and Federal Government agencies and more.

The event is going to be in a “match”making style bringing investors and idea owners together, that is, connecting potential business men and women with the right opportunities and investors which could be achieved either as an individuals, organisations, or partnerships.

The benefit apart from the potential economic boost for Nigeria and sustainable employment opportunities, there will also be an opportunity for Nigerians living in the UK to identify potential sources of finance, technology, technological skills and support they will require to do business in Nigeria. The official media partner contact is DOYIN OLA 07449844081.


Chief Bimbo Afolayan is a multi-award winning humanist and an advocate of fairness who believes in the right of every individual, he is the Past Chair, Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK). He holds 2 traditional chieftaincy titles: Serikin Yakin (King of War) of Kagara Town, Niger State Garkin Kowan Pada (Member of Emirs Palace) of Kotangora town, Niger State. When asked about his greatest achievement in life the only thing he can think of is seeing people grow and them becoming somebody in life of which he has been able to achieve through his commitment to community service and empowering projects, No wonder you see him attend almost every charity event organised in the UK along side his beautiful wife. Although you might see him looking serious all the time beneath the handsome face is an outgoing personality who likes to dance, laugh and crack jokes, his favourite Afrobeat track, for now, is of course PENALTY by Small doctor.

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