They said life begins at ’40’ but to enjoy that life you need a good and healthy life, unfortunately the moment you clock forty it’s like your body starts opening up for health problems that you can almost swear you are too fit to experience such but welcome to the forties club where the body changes become more prone to health issues.

The most common health problems experienced during middle age are arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, genitourinary disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), mental disorders, and strokes (cerebrovascular accidents).

Below are the common changes and minor health concerns that can lead to bigger issues that you need to watch out for:

Constant flu:

When you are over 40, your immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be. Age raises the chances of serious flu complications like:

  • Pneumonia
  • Sepsis (bacterial infection in blood)
  •  Worsening of lung and heart disease

A yearly flu shot can help reduce the impact of flu in your body

Weight gain:

Getting older means you lose muscle as you age, you also become less active. At the same time, your body burns fewer calories for the same physical activities as when you were younger.

Being overweight or obese raises your chances for many conditions, like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Doctors advises you should start walking more every day. Build up from 10 minutes a day to three slots of 10 minutes daily to 30 continuous minutes.

Risk of cancer:

Age is the single biggest predictor of chances of getting cancer? It jumps up after the age of 40. Half of all cancers happen in people over 40.

Getting older doesn’t mean you’re destined to get cancer but adopting healthy habits like watching your weight is proven to help lower the odds. Obesity is linked to 13 different types of cancer, including breast, colon, and pancreatic cancers.

Weaker bones:

Getting older can affect your bones, that is why you start noticing constant body pains.

To keep your bones strong, measures you can take includes to stop smoking, drinking less alcohol, getting enough calcium in your diet (a pint of milk rather than beer…) and taking daily supplements.


Depression is caused by stress. which is present in all age groups, although it seems to be unavoidable during the middle age. Middle age adults are faced with stressors, such as relationships and family challenges, paying their mortgages, facing layoffs at the office, learning to use technology that is continually changing, or dealing with chronic health ailments.

To reduce the risk of depression, you can seek out ways to connect with others. Talk to friends and family and also find whatever ways to enrich your body and spirit.

If you are in the UK and are above forty or approaching your forties a mini seminar titled an “HEALTHIER YOU” organised by the BUCKINGHAM AVIARY, LONDON in conjunction with JUST A LITTLE HELP is an event that will be attended by top medical practitioners in the UK who will be on standby to attend to attendees by answering questions and also delivering a practical health check.

This is a free event.

The date is Sunday the 27th of October, 2019

VENUE: EXOTIC BITES RESTAURANTS, 313 New cross road, London SE14 6AS.