Anyone can experience heart attack at any age. Just recently, I lost an uncle, in fact he was exercising when all of a sudden he slumped and that was it. When it comes to health, we never can be too sure, looking or feeling healthy doesn’t necessarily mean all is well inside the body and it’s not every time the body alarm goes off that we should panic, for example  chest pain can be  ordinary heartburn, which taking a  heart burn medication can cure, but what if it isn’t just a heart burn, and it can actually be the sign of a life-threatening condition.


Medical experts Dr Christopher Kelly, a senior clinical staff, and Dr Marc Eisenberg, an associate professor of medicine, working at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University, gave vital tips on  heart related symptoms and when you should be worried.


1.You get chest pain when you really do something energetic, and you feel better with rest:

2.You have sharp chest pain that improves when you lean forward, but you otherwise feel fine:

3.If you also feel lightheaded or very short of breath, just head to A&E.

4.You get burning chest pain after eating or when you’re lying down:

CALL 999 IF:

1. You’ve had severe, constant, pressure-like chest pain for several minutes, and it’s not getting better, you may be having a heart attack; call an ambulance.

2.You are having shortness of breath: The combination of chest pain and shortness of breath can indicate a heart attack, fluid around the heart, a blood clot in the lungs, a bad asthma attack or pneumonia — all require prompt attention in A&E.


3.You have sharp chest pain along with a fever and cough

Heart attack is a serious issue please Spread the warning tips. You might save a life.

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