As I write this story, as much as I try to forget the trembling voice of Mrs Yemi (name withheld ) it kept on echoing in my mind and brain. Couple of weeks ago Mrs Yemi called me on the phone and asked if I can  help train her 14 year old Son Ade in learning the DJ Craft, I  also spoke to Ade on the phone and he sounded so excited telling me he wants to be like Dj mind d gap and even better.

The story I’m about to tell you is a wake up call for me personally to do something no matter how small in responding to the surge in gang related killings. And thanks to Mrs Yemi who gave me the permission to share her story, because of this case I’ve decided that I am going to be using my medium as a platform to assist troubled individual’s and families who might be going through a lot to reach out to the right help and support from concerned citizens.


TRUE LIFE LONDON STORY BY DJ MIND D GAP from Djminddgap Entertainer on Vimeo.

Mrs Yemi came to the UK 10years ago with her husband, Mr Kunle when Ade her son was just four years old and she was already pregnant with another child. For people who can relate with this; It’s not an easy thing to settle down in the UK with two kids if you don’t have the right documents to stay. This resulted into both couples having to take up all sorts of menial jobs like cleaning and house help to survive.

One fateful day Kunle was arrested by the UK border force at work for taking up a job illegally, he was deported back to Nigeria, leaving Yemi to cater on her own with two kids. Tragically Kunle did not spend 6 months in Nigeria before he passed away in a motor accident.

It was not an easy life for Yemi who managed to raise two kids on her own for good 3 years, in fact Ade was a God sent son from above,he his what most parent’s will call a good and quiet boy who was so intelligent that he received many awards for his academic performances at school. He also took up the role of a father in the house by helping and supporting his mum. Sometimes, Yemi will  leave Ade and his sister at home to do early morning cleaning work without no worries because Ade was such a loving and caring big brother.



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