Welcome to this week edition of “TRUE LIFE IN LONDON STORY”. A 21 year old man after reading last week  story ” click here to read  (HELP ME! I FOUND A GUN IN ADE’S ROOM, MY 14 YEAR OLD SON. SHOULD I CALL THE POLICE? ) decided to write MIND D GAP to seek help as a former gang member and ex-convict. it’s a story you might find a bit worrisome but your advice and contribution can  go a long  way to assist this young man and anyone or families in the same situation. have a great read.

My name is CHUKS (not real name), I was brought to the UK at the age of 4, My dad was an ex-military man who took a security job upon arrival in the UK, he was the strict type but he made sure he provided everything for us by working round the clock, sometimes he would go for days without coming home. As a young man I didn’t see much of my dad. My mum on the other hand was also working full time as a nurse.

Trouble started when I turned a teenager, due to my height I found it very easy to roll with older guys in my neighbourhood. I started admiring the big man life on the street, I mean guys driving expensive cars, designer clothes, gold chain, expensive trainers and so on.

I was introduced to smoking weed and from there I started to deliver bags to buyers and suppliers.

I was making loads of money and buying expensive stuff, then my dad started noticing the extravagant life I was living and he wasn’t happy, so we started having issues but my mum was always

children as young as 12 are groomed to sell drugs on the street in the UK

there to calm the situation.



One day I decided to leave my dad’s house after a big argument with my dad when he caught me smoking weed in my room. Now I was on the street full-time as a gang member, I started carrying my own gun which earned me a reputation among other gang members.

I was the second child of four children from my parents and was very close to my brother Chima who was 2 years younger, he was always looking up to me as a big brother and hanging out with me on the street while I sell drugs but I refused to let him get involved or become a gang member because I know the implication’s. I don’t know how I managed to avoid jail term after several arrest at age 16, for carrying Class A drugs.

My life took a different twist after my brother was attacked by rival gang members on his way back from school he was stabbed several times which I later found out I was the target, I had to lay low for some time because the police declared me wanted in connection to a shooting earlier that month, so I couldn’t visit him at the hospital. I got a call from my mum crying profusely on the phone but I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I know I heard something clearly: “Chima is gone Chima is gone” repeatedly before the phone line went dead, my little brother succumbed to the wounds of the stabbing 3 days after, he was just 14.


A young offender in prison

I was so devastated that I came out of hiding and went straight to the rival gangs hide out and I fired several shots at a known address, the victim was a 13-year-old girl a sister to one of the gang members, she died instantly. I was later arrested during a routine stop and search by the police and the gun was found on me. I pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment.


While in prison I was crying every day, I met a friend in prison who introduced me to Christ I stopped smoking weed and stopped listening to gangster music, although none of my family members visited me while I was serving my prison sentence which I totally understood and I don’t blame them. I was later released after spending 5 years for good behaviour.

Now I can’t go home because I’m not sure how I will be received, my mum is now suffering from stroke as a result of the death of my brother and the doctor’s says she has limited time to live all because of my reckless lifestyle choices. The street still wants me back please advise me.

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