Have you ever wanted something so much in life that you worked hard so much for, prayed, fasted and even sacrifice everything for and yet you failed to achieve the dream, you are not alone. When I first started as a DJ I can remember vividly how I felt leaving my job as a financial adviser, I knew I was taking a huge risk going into a business I knew little or nothing about, in fact it was a situation of leaving certainty (employment) for uncertainty (self employment). I wasn’t sure of how smooth or rough the road ahead will be but one thing I knew for sure is the fact that it wasn’t going to be an easy one but i was willing and ready to face the challenges in my pursuit of happiness. (freedom).

Sometimes you feel you are in the world alone

It was tough as a trainee DJ without a trainer, mentor and  support, I was like a bird wanting to fly without wings. Although I have a friend who is a DJ who advised me on what I needed  to get started which I secured with my life savings but no one had the time to put me through all I needed to know. I started to seek for the big names in the industry to see if they can have me as a trainee to train under them.

I later met an older and experienced DJ and I volunteered myself to serve him  so I can learn the trade but it never lasted as I ended up being betrayed by someone I called a master but I did not let that discourage me. I met another top DJ and because of my passion I quickly attached myself volunteering to come every week  to where he is a residence just to learn but was advised that I was too old to learn the trade, although that did not stop me from going until I was told not to come again for no reason. I felt so sad that night. Getting home, I couldn’t sleep, I stood up from the bed to grab a glass of water but as I turned the tap  the following happened…..

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