A British lady, 30-year-old Emma Frost, residing in Blackheath London has lost her long-time relatiknship over incessant farting.

Frost is diagnosed with chronic gastrointestinal problems causing her to break-the-wind without control.

Frost who has been battling the condition since she was 15 years old said the condition has ruined her love life and has stopped her from eating out.

The single mother of one told The Sun

“My biggest fear was breaking wind in public but there was nothing I could do about it.

“I’d also have to wear baggy clothes to disguise the inevitable bloat that would follow after I’d eaten. Unbuttoned jeans are not a good look so I gave up.”

“My symptoms were so persistent that my doctor was sure I must have a intolerance to something and so I began cutting out food groups to see what made the biggest difference. “I started with dairy and that had no effect. But I did find when I cut out wheat and gluten and my symptoms did improve a little.”

“If I did go out with friends or on a date I’d either have to sit and eat nothing or rush out halfway through when the tummy trouble started. “In the end it was easier not to bother going out. I couldn’t go anywhere without checking how close I was to the toilet.”

It was this condition that made Frost break up with the father of her 7-year-old daughter and to give up on dating altogether.

As embarrassing as her condition is, she has found Strenght, only that she can’t be social as she used to be.

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