In the process of sitting for exams to gain admission into a university, the only time any student would be very excited and not anxious before an exam is when there is a hint on what is coming!. We can also argue that in some cases it’s totally different as we know that some students are exceptionally talented and blessed with good memories to retain, In Nigeria we call such students the ‘EFIKOS’, and they are always the first to gain admission into any university of their choice unlike the average students that would revise heavily before exams and yet won’t get into the university.

Nigerian Universities produce thousands of graduates yearly

What happens after gaining admission  into a university is a story for another Day, the issue here is what becomes of most of the “Efikos” after graduating with good grades? We will normally expect them to become billionaires, but the reality of life is, most people considered to be successful in life are not the ones who did well in school, if you doubt me ask Bill Gate and Mark Zuckerberg, two drop-outs of university that became two of the richest people in the world.

Graduated yet can not find a job

The streets of Nigeria have been taken over by youths who have been out of school, some with very good degrees but found it difficult to secure a job many years after graduation. According to a recent survey nearly half of those with a higher education qualification are unemployed in Nigeria. A total of 41,032 (45.72 percent) of the 89,755 people interviewed are unemployed graduates. Meet Mayor Odunayo a celebrity media personnel and business mogul based in London who recently decided to sacrifice his comfortable life in United kingdom to join politic in Nigeria hoping to make a change most especially in areas that affects the youths.

Mayor Odunayo interviewed by DJ MIND D GAP

Speaking to MINDDGAPENT.COM Mr Odunayo narrates how he burst into tears during one of his frequent visit to Nigeria. On this particular day he was caught up in heavy traffic in Lagos when a rugged looking but well dressed young man approached his car begging for small change to buy food to eat; Mayor Rotimi instantly recognised the voice, It was Tunde (not real name) one of the best student in his secondary school days who was popularly referred to by his nick name ‘BRAIN BOX’. Mayor Jumped out of the car holding other cars behind to hug a good friend he hasn’t seen for more than 30 years, it was an emotional moment. This experience became a constant nightmare for mayor even after his return to London. He was restless and full of guilt within which prompted him to take a bold move of joining politics in Nigeria in other to help effect the much needed actions required for a change.

Mayor and the Vice president of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbanjo

Mayor Odunayo will be contesting for the ‘HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY’ for the Ikene Remo constituency in 2019. In his quest for change, he joined the APC campaign team in 2014 but he said he is yet to see the type of change he expected most especially in the area of youth empowerment.


Many Nigerians living abroad are now making the move of going back home to join politics to help build a better Nigeria. In 2015 the owner of one of most iconic African food shop based in Peckham, London, Chief Risikatu Bola Amole, died during her campaign to seek election for a political post in Nigerian.

What do you think about Mayor Odunayo’s political ambition and also do you support the idea of people moving back home to join politics in Nigeria, considering the current political situation and state of Nigeria? leave your comment below


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