Everyday many black people are subjected to racist abuse, most especially in the western part of the world. Another video has just surfaced on line with a recording of an elderly white woman racially abusing a black woman in a waiting room more likely to be a health centre somewhere in the United states.

The Elderly Racist Woman for no apparent reason can be seen harassing the Black American Woman telling her straight to her face that she originated from a monkey repeatedly but amazingly the black woman was responding to her rants in a polite and calm manner insisting that she isn’t a monkey.

She now went further complaining that black people are taking over and where ever you go, even to the mall, black people are everywhere. and again the black woman calmly responded saying “God bless you ma’am,” and the elderly white woman responded back by saying “Thank you.” Yet she did not stop complaining about her hair that it looks very awful.”

There where witnesses present who could also here both ladies conversation but it in the video it’s seems they can’t be bothered, which I guess that is the primary purpose the victim decided to have it on tape as an evidence.

If you are the one in the black woman’s shoe what will you have done differently? Please leave a comment below.

Watch the video below.


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