Seems the world is about to witness a major medical breakthrough in medicine that will put an end to HIV amd provide relief to sufferers all over the world.

This comes the announcement that major progress has been made in the testing show that Gammora significantly reduced the viral load in human subjects by killing infected cells without harming healthy ones, unlike antiretroviral drugs which suppress the spreading of the virus.

The drug Gammora has passed the first stage of clinical trial.

Gammora was successfully tested on humans in Jerusalem by Israeli researchers at Zion Medicals.

Results shows, Gammora can eliminate up to 99 per cent of the virus within four weeks of treatment.

According to the researchers;

“The drug triggers the self-destruction of the infected cell called apoptosis. It has the potential to cure HIV-infected patients by destroying all cells carrying the HIV genome.

If this drug gets to the final stage, then the world will see the End of the deadliest disease known to man.

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