Some women still believe in the old fashion principle of no sex before marriage, but what if it’s the other way round because most men will prefer to test drive. Recently a newly wedded bride despite not being religious agreed to wait for sex after marriage because the man claimed to be “old-fashioned” But the bride now understands the reason behind it. Her new husband has a ‘Micropenis’ a medical term for a penis, usually diagnosed at birth, that is well under the normal size range, including structure, appearance, and function.

The couple who had dated for a year before he proposed to her and they got married six months after.

She didn’t discover the ‘micropenis’ until their wedding night, when they were already away on their honeymoon. When the wedding night finally came and the bride unwrapped the package it was a huge shock when she discovered her husband lied to her and she believed he intentionally kept it a secret until they were married so she wouldn’t change her mind.

The young woman admitted that they got close to doing it a couple of times but it never went far and she had tried to push things further, but he always stopped at the heat of the moment.

Sharing her story, the bride claims she had no intention to shame her new husband even after the discovery she just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town with him, but she felt lied to. What do you think she should do, leave the marriage or continue in it? Please leave a comment below.


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