For David Anyaele, January 19, 1999, will never be forgotten as  a result of the  tragedy  that changed his entire world. David’s story is the type nobody will pray to experience.

As a young man, he travelled in search for greener pasture but ended up with rebels fishing out Nigerian’s living in Sierra-leone during the civil war, they amputated his hands after been betrayed by envious neighbours, His pleas to spare his life and take possession of his valuable materials yielded no result. David writhed in pains as his hands were amputated and today, he is left to suffer his fate alone.

Millions of people in the world today has lost their lives or subjected to life changing challenges like that of David Anyaele as a result of War looming in different countries around the world, but for David after loosing almost everything he ever lived for including his fiancee, David did not let the ugly incident to stop him from promoting peace among individual, race, culture and nations.

Today the 21st of September the Aviary club of Nigeria is partnering with the United Nations to celebrate THE INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY a day set aside to strengthening the ideals of Peace among nations and peoples.

It is a great honour and privilege that the UN is collaborating with the Aviary Club of Nigeria worldwide to celebrate the event this year. The UN realised in time that a peaceful society is one where there is justice and equity for everyone, this sentiment is also shared by the Aviary Club. Peace will always enable a sustainable environment to take shape and a sustainable environment will help promote peace. A sustainable environment is tied to a lot of issues such as poverty, health, education, climate change, gender equality, sanitation water etc.

Nigerian youths serving at the NYSC supporting the Aviary Club

The Aviary Club as an NGO and a socio philanthropic organisation saddled with the task of giving back to the society through it’s charity and humanitarian gestures is willing to key into the theme for this year: The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70. The declaration which was adopted by all nations in 1948 was the most translated document in the world and is available in 500 languages and is still relevant till date.
At this juncture, the Aviary Club of Nigeria offers to be part of the solutions by seeking an end to all conflicts within its immediate environment and beyond. We use this opportunity to call for a peaceful resolution to all lingering crisis in the North East and Middle Belt of Nigeria and other parts of the world. We condemn cultism in our tertiary institutions, the excessive ritual murders and inter-tribal bloodsheds across the country.
The Aviary Club will also celebrate the 70 years of Human Rights by promoting and creating awareness for all 30 articles of the declaration of the Human Rights which include the following:
1.    We are all born free and equal. We should all be treated the same way.
2.    Don’t Discriminate. The right belongs to everybody, whatever our differences.
3.    The Right to Life.
4.    No Slavery. Nobody has any right to make us slave.
5.    No Torture. Nobody has any right to torture or hurt us.
6.    You have rights no matter where you go.
7.    We are all equal before the law.
8.    Your Human Rights are protected by law.
9.    No unfair Detainment.
10.    The Right to trial.
11.    We are always innocent until proven guilty.
12.    The Right to privacy.
13.    Freedom to move.
14.    The Right to seek a safe place to live.
15.    Right to a Nationality.
16.    Marriage and Family.
17.    The Right to own things.
18.    Freedom of thought.
19.    Freedom of expression.
20.    The Right to Public Assembly.
21.    The Right to Democracy.
22.    Social Security.
23.    Worker’s Right.
24.    The Right to Play
25.    Food and Shelter for all.
26.    The Right to Education.
27.    Copyright.
28.    A fair and free world.
29.    Responsibility.
30.    No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights.
To this end the Aviary Club of Nigeria implore all Governments and nations to continue to respect all articles in the declaration and call on all peoples of the world to put their grudges aside, set aside their differences and negate selfishness and ego in order to live in a world free of war and hatred. Every person with a religion, practice in peace. Every initiator with an idea, create in peace. Every musician with a voice, sing of peace. Every skin colour, every lifestyle, every tradition, every culture, every heart will be equal, exalted, and united in peace.
Global President

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