A Ghanaian mother living in the UK with two vaginas and two wombs has defied all odds to give birth to a baby girl After doctors advised her she can not give birth to a life baby.

From the age of 10 Elizabeth Amoaa, 36, living in Walsall, West Midlands, had been in and out of hospital with stomach cramps and heavy bleeding – but doctors misdiagnosed her with uterine fibroid. They told her the condition meant she had little chance in becoming a mother.

Mrs Amoaa who moved to UK from France in 2003 managed to become pregnant in 2010 with daughter Rashley. She revealed doctors failed to spot she had two vaginas, two cervices and two wombs throughout her pregnancy – despite carrying out numerous scan and tests. Mrs Amoaa was finally diagnosed in 2015 after miscarrying her second child.

During the pregnancy of her last baby she started to bleed profusely, fainting and always feeling tired, but Doctors kept scanning the wrong womb, one minute they would see the baby is in the womb, then the next minute the baby would disappear and her belly kept growing. Doctors advised her to prepare for the worst as her condition will most often result to given birth to a dead child – but she miraculously delivered the baby safely.

According to her having medical issues like two Vaginas or womb is most time seen as a taboo in most part of Africa and a lot of mothers die needlessly or people think these conditions are witchcraft, her experience had now led her to be an advocate sharing her knowledge with women in Africa.

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