Are you the type that worries so much  about changing peoples perception on how they feel  about you? Regardless people will always have different views when it comes to you,  so proving your self to be right when some people think you are wrong can be the biggest time waster ever.

In life we spent so much time and energy  arguing with friends, partners or family members just because we think they are wrong and we are right but what you fail to understand is, opinion is a state of mind which is someones mood or mental state at a particular time and you have little or no control  about it, better still people perception about you does not define the real you, your real self is up to you.

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So to sum it up never be too scared to express your mind or make your point but don’t force it down peoples throat or expect people to accept you for who you are all the time, rather see it as since nobody can change your mind about what you know or believe about yourself likewise other people, when you start seeing things this way, you will realise that you will be more productive in so many areas of your life because you are less argumentative. Unnecessary argument is not healthy and doesn’t yield money, so leave people to do the thinking why you do the work. Before I wrap this up let me play you one of the most inspirational Afrobeat song that reminds me that we need to put more effort and energy on things that solve problems in our life not the ones that add to it. Enjoy the track ‘IF WE NO GAIN MONEY WETIN WE GAIN’ by VICTOR AD


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