Have you ever experienced a moment of mistaken identity either you were being approached by a stranger calling you by a wrong name or being embarrassed after you mistake a stranger for someone you thought you knew, you will be lucky if you don’t get a slap sometimes, depending on the mood the person was and in most cases we don’t bother to find out the real identity but let’s say you are still curious and you insist and the person introduce himself as DJ Kashif da flash (rings a bell), will you still want to find out more about the flash? Now let me introduce you to DJ ‘Kashif da flash, the Famous Turntablist’ and one of the top London base and most celebrated Nigerian DJ in the UK.

DJ Kashif being creative using mask to DJ back in Nigeria

From the age of 4 he was dubbed the future African Michael Jackson because of his dancing skills that could blow anyone away, He also has a flare for listening to music from all genre. Kashif will rather stay hungry to buy musical cassettes and many times beaten and chased out of musical stores, nightclubs or anywhere they play music just because of his attachment to music.

Kashif’s life took a dramatic twist when he moved from Lagos to Ibadan after the death of his father, when he saw something that changed his life forever. A man was using a boom box to mix two different music together, it was a miracle to him as a young boy because it’s not something he could have ever thought was possible and he vowed to unravel the mystery or the so called magic. This is how he found out about the existence of the DJ world.

DJ Kashif young and older version

DJ Kashif after spending many days and night practising on his new discovery, he finally got a break when the club he sneaks in every night had their residence Dj called of sick and the club needed someone to cover, Dj Kashif was pushed forward by his friends to step in which he did fantastically well considering his age and experience and that was it, he became a DJ.


Not everyone knows that his first DJ name was Mallam Kachif, Delicious kachif and now Kashif da flash. DJ Kashif attended one of the top University in Nigeria Obafemi Awolowo Univerisity Ile Ife, where he came out with one of the best results but this did not just happen without him paying a huge price. DJ Kashif was only 8 years old when he lost his dad

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