If there is a topic that is guaranteed to send warning shots straight into the mind of readers then it must be “CHEATING”. The topic will always have an effect on two types of people: Number 1 the innocents, no matter how much they trust their partners they still want to be sure they not in the dark or better still to be educated about the possibilities. The second set of people are the experienced players and ballers who will rush to quickly read through to see if they have to change their tactics or learn a new one. Lol. Without no doubt, cheating can be devastating most especially when you are the wounded party but because it’s a hot topic let me quickly bring you the result of the research before it gets cold.
 According to a research carried out by Cheating website Ashley Madison, using real cheaters who use the site to cheat on their loved ones, results revealed most cheaters are using other quiet unpopular method apart from mobile phone to communicate with an affair partner. See results below.
Top five ways cheaters communicate with their affair partner
Personal mobile phone – 56 per cent
Email – 44 per cent
Dating website – 20 per cent
Social media – 18 per cent
Secret phone – 11 per cent

Recently DJ MIND D GAP did a short documentary on YORUBA DEMONS (yoruba guys that are serial cheaters or heart breakers) see video below:


Mobile phone still remains the number one culprit, even learners know that is the first place to look if you are suspecting fowl play because phones are like a mobile journal, containing people’s thoughts, contacts, and memories although players are now finding alternative methods to work around it using the other methods mentioned above. Please remember I’m just a messenger bringing you undiluted and extremely exclusive contents just as you will love or hate it. Please leave a comment if there are other methods you are using that was not covered in the research or you can comment.

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