Not every question has an answer, but not everyone would understand that and it can be so annoying or frustrating to know someone has read your message and ignored it. On Whatsapp one quick way to know if someone has seen you message is through the double blue tick feature once highlighted you know you message has been opened but what if you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and you’ll rather prefer a sender did not know their message has been read, here is how to secretly read Whatspp messages.

The only way WhatsApp can pick it up if a message has been read is if the receiver’s WiFi or data roaming is activated. So to get around this once you get a notification on whatsapp that a message has arrived on your phone:


  1. Deactivate your internet features it could either be your WiFi or phone data
  2. Open WhatsApp and read the message.
  3. Close WhatsApp and reactivate your smartphone’s internet features. Please remember not to just come off Whatsapp but you need to close it completely if not the trick won’t work.

By following these simple steps, you can read the message but the sender will be none the wiser.

Another method is unchecking Read Receipts in the WhatsApp Settings menu, the option can be found in your phone’s Privacy menu. The only downside to this is that If you disable this feature to prevent others from knowing you read their messages, you won’t be able to tell when they read yours also if you disable read receipts on your setting, it will remain enabled in group chats. There is no way to turn off the revealing tick marks in group chats. To achieve this, follow the steps below:



  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Choose Account.
  3. Tap Privacy. Scroll down to Read receipts and uncheck the option.
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