Ever wanted to do it so much that you believe so much that nothing can stop you, after all you getting it from your partner or spouse only to get to the bus stop and you’ve been told you can not get on the bus. Tell me about it, who wouldn’t be mad at such. At one time in any relationship there are times both partners are not on the same page, sometimes sex is the last thing on your mind no matter how much you are into your partner.

There are lots of reasons why you might not be in the mood for sex, some are not acceptable reasons for example, “I am not in the mood”, we just did it or we do it all the time. This type of excuses destroys a relationship before you know it because they’re excuses that can easily be dealt with and the first step in making it work is to talk with your partner in finding ways to deal with  the problems, but what are acceptable reasons?  I will be talking about five common and genuine reasons according to research and advice from a top UK based physiologist, sex and relationship expert, Tracey Cox  when it comes to denying  your partner of sex. Click on Next below to see the five reasons.

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