Damilola Taylor would have been 28 years old on December the 7th 2017 but unfortunately his beautiful life was cut short on Monday 27th of November 2000 just few months after arriving in the UK after a fatal stabbing in the leg by two brothers, Danny and Ricky Preddie, who were persistent young offenders. He died on his way to the hospital. He was only ten.  For the Taylors, second time in eight years on April 8, 2007 another tragedy struck as Gloria Taylor died from heart attack on the busy street of London and was laid to rest next to her son Damilola. She never recovered from the death of her son because of the self-guilt that it was all her idea for the whole family to relocate from  Nigeria.

Mr Richard and Late Mrs Gloria Taylor (MIND D GAP)


Danny and Ricky Preddie, killers of Damilola Taylor

Speaking to Mr Richard Taylor during the interview for the minddgapent.com  ICON OF THE WEEK, he explained that for Damilola not to die in vain himself and his wife Gloria did set up a charity trust: DAMILOLA TAYLORS TRUST (DTT) a year after his death with the aim of improving the lives of underprivileged young people and the hope of providing opportunities that could change their lives and also to tackle the enormous problems in the society that leads most youths to the path of crime, but the reality is that as much as Gloria was supporting many other people, she  was suffering in silence at home by bottling up things but eventually in the end the strain was too much for her to bare and she gave up. ” I still feel bitter because it’s the same people who killed my son that ended up killing my wife too.” he mentioned.



Mr Richard introducing awardees to Former UK Prime minster David Cameron

He also talked about the progress of the charity after the death of his wife, he explained that things had been tough for him but having a lot of positive people around him has made a lot of difference. He couldn’t hide his emotions when he was talking about the success of many recent projects. One of them is the “new career pathway programme: working in the city” an innovative collaboration with Lysis Financial Ltd with the main objective of providing participants from disadvantaged backgrounds an insight into working in the financial service industry covering a number of different roles and trainings including Anti-money Laundering, IT support and Generalist roles. This programme addresses the concern in the society that only people from more affluent backgrounds or the ones who attend private schools have the opportunity to take the best jobs but in reality everyone of suitable ability should have the chance to pursue a career of their choice. At the end of the first workshop 5 of the successful candidates where invited for interview and 3 have been successfully employed including a parking attendant that’s now working as a financial advice in the city an opportunity created by DTT.  Another successful DTT story is the recently completed Damilola Taylor School Library built with funds from Lyca Mobile UK and donated by the Damilola Taylor Trust to a Primary School in a rural community in Lagos Nigeria.

The library built by DTT in Lagos Nigeria


Students using the DTT library in Lagos Nigeria

He further explained that for some time now the charity has been on the brink of collapse due to a severe funding shortfall as a result of the change in government and shifting priorities. The Trustees are still appealing for donations from individuals, philanthropists and companies to help fund the on going and running of many of their projects.

DJ MIND D GAP with Mr Richard Taylor at the ICON OF THE WEEK INTERVIEW

And Finally, Richard advises all parents most especially in the Afro-Caribbean communities to work more on their children before things get worse or too late. Parents should  spend more time with their children and not to be too busy for their proper upbringing. He also employ parents to always accompany their children to and from school if they are still minor because  from his personal experience he felt probably if  himself and the late wife did more to protect Damilola maybe he will still be alive today but so far so good he thanks God for good health. See the video of Mr Richard Taylor Below Looking Vibrant.

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Mr Richard Taylor receiving the minddgapent.com free access to unlimited mix from DJ MIND D GAP

NOTE: If you are a parent with unemployed youths at home or an individual interested in working in the financial service industry in the City, this can be made possible through  the help of DTT Career Pathway Programme. For more information please contact us or DTT using the following LINKS.




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