Schools in England are now being directed to teach pupils about issues including gender identity and same-sex marriage, under the new draft government guidance involves five lessons a year for children aged from 4 to 11, in which they read books about same-sex marriages. but many parents are not having it. Up to 400 predominantly Muslim parents at the Parkfield Community School Birmingham signed up for the subject to be dropped., with some even taking their children out of the primary school.


The assistant head teacher of the school, Andrew Moffat, who is Gay, said he had been threatened with a leaflet handed out by campaigners and also coming face to face with angry protesters gathered at the school gates. Mr Moffat is not shocked to see this happening because a similar issue with Muslim and Christian parents in December 2013 forced him to resign from another primary school in the city.

Andrew Moffat, who is gay, is the assistant head teacher of the school.

One of the parent, Fatima Shah pulled her ten-year-old daughter out of the school, saying it was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘totally wrong’. Her argument why are children being told it’s OK to be gay, yet 98 percent of children at this school are Muslims? Miss Shah claimed that the local community’s concerns were not being taken on board before implementing such a sensitive lesson as part of the school curriculum. See her video below.

Do you think parent should be given the choice to give a consent to have their children learn about homosexuality, same-sex marriage at schools or the subject should be classed as normal part of the school curriculum that parents has to accept? Please leave you comment below.

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