“One day the hunter will become the hunted” This is the crazy moment a wife grabs the hair of a woman believed to be her husband’s side chic after catching them together at the airport, about to board a plane. This happened at the Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport in the city of Rionegro, northwestern Colombia.

According to the video posted by an eyewitness who recorded the whole saga, the angry wife was filmed grabbing on tightly to the hair of the helpless side chic while screaming at her husband. The wife can be heard saying: “On Saturday you were going to bring me for a walk with the boy and now you are carrying her….”Get her out of here or I will make a scandal. I am not going to let her go. Beat me, so you will go to jail.”

The man is seen trying to defend his side chic from his furious wife asking the people watching to call the police but the onlookers, including airport security staff decide to enjoy the scene without making any attempt to get involve. click on the next page to watch the video…

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