If you’re not a professional fighter, getting into a fight will be the last thing on your mind. I remember back in my primary school days, I was challenged by a bully, before I could say “sorry”, a physical after school fight had been scheduled. Heaven knows I prayed for the closing bell not to work on that day and when it did it was as if my heart was the one ringing bell, the only thing I remembered was people screaming my name from afar: “stand up! stand up! stop pretending the fight is not over yet” but I kept asking them what fight?

For most Nigerians, nothing compares to the pain of the heartbreak after the super eagles early exit  during the world cup game, in fact most stores ran out of pain killers during this period and to make matter worse, one small Oyinbo boy went online to mock Nigerians saying Nigeria lost at the world cup and we will lose again in the very crucial boxing match for the European International Boxing Federation title that took place on Friday 13th July 2018 between himself, John Thain and Mushin-Lagos born Nigerian born boxer, Larry Ekundayo at the London’s York Hall, U.K.

Speaking during an interview on Heritage TV London on the classic star celebrity talk show with the host Abimbola Ayodele, Larry Ekundayo a big fan of Nigeria football said, while preparing for the boxing match he was hopeful that Nigeria will qualify for the second round and unfortunately we lost and his opponent, John Thain decided to use that to taunt him and Nigerians during a pre-match talk, for this reason he vowed to himself he will make him swallow his words and make Nigerians proud again. Click on next to see the video of John Thain, bragging before the match and what happened after:

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