A young man on a mission to spread the gospel far and wide as instructed by the Holy book met his untimely death the moment he landed on an Island  with people known as the ‘ last stone age tribe’  cut out from the rest of the world for more than 30,000 years.

The Sentinelese tribe, occupying the tiny island of North Sentinel in the Bay of Bengal  has attacked almost everyone who has entered their territory because they don’t want to have anything to do with the rest of the world and are ready to defend that wish with their last blood.

John Allen Chau

John Allen Chau, 26 killed by the Sentinese with poisonous arrows



A picture of the tribe taking from a long distance showing how well armed they can be and ready to attack

 John Allen Chau, a 26-year-old graduate of the evangelical Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma and also a christian missionary who believed part of his life mission is to bring Christianity to the Sentinelese people just like how Christianity was introduced to the rest of the world like Africa. Despite the warning that the Island is a no go area because the people are protected from the rest of the world, Chau chose the Island to explore which eventually became his last destination. He was felled by rain of poisonous arrow as he walked towards them and then dragged round the white sand beaches by a piece of twine until he died.


The Sentinese has lived in isolation for many years


His intent was to deliver the message from God.

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Sentinelese are the only surviving direct descendants of the first humans in Asia. More than 75,000 years ago they made their way from Africa to the Middle East, Burma and India and they have lived happily and largely healthily on their own for at least 30,000 years during which time, they have feasted on wild pig, clams, berries and honey and one activity they are best known for is engaging  in energetic communal sex sessions on the beach.


Under the Indian law, it is illegal for anyone to be within five nautical miles of the islands not just for peoples safety but to protect the sentinese as well because they have been so unexposed to modern life and they are unlikely to have any resistance to common illnesses such as flu, measles or even a cold if they come in contact with other people.  Their weapon of choice are Poisonous arrows, knives, spears, clubs, axes, rocks — all of them have been waved very angrily at visitors who tried to get close.



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