Have you ever walked pass someone looking very dapper and clean that you can’t help but notice, you might even be tempted to reassess again by turning your head to look back but only to be met with the sight of an ugly scare hanging at the back of the head which is a complete turn off. The first step to prevent this situation is education. Just in case you’re not familiar with the word Acne keloidalis nuchae (AKN), this is the medical  name for this condition that is common mainly among black people which results into a massive scar usually developed at the scalp or neck.


Black people naturally have a sensitive skin in areas where hair grows, Reason is they tend to have curly hair that doesn’t grow out as easily compared to white people with straight hair and once it’s been cut or trimmed it curls back into the skin, growing underneath making it prone as a result of shaving, tight-fitting collared shirts and tight head gear. First of all it’s a noticeable irritation known as razor bumps which could lead to large scars known as AKN. The frustrating part is the fact that AKN is difficult to treat, and numerous treatment techniques  have been used  without a significant  degrees of success but the good news is that it can easily be prevented.


Prepare your skin before shave

Always  clean and soften your skin up to reduce possible inflammations either by taking a hot shower, or use hot towel by pouring hot water over a clean towel and applying the towel to those areas to be shaved and also don’t forget to use a mild soap and conditioner. the soap cleans the skin and the conditioner softens the hair so that razor or trimmer glide through easily.

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Have a bath after shaving

Make sure you have a warm bath after shaving with the use of aftershave cream and treatments applied to the newly shaved area

Choose the right razor or trimmer


If you are sharing sharp objects like clippers which is not advisable you need to make sure that it is properly cleaned and well sterilised before use. According to a report published by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) Globally, sharps injuries is the cause of major infections including HIV among many others. because of the sensitivity of the black skin extra measure needs to be taken when considering the right shaving object like safety razor or trimmer that is gentle to sensitive skin, cut smoother To reduce the risk of razor bumps.  A very good point to start would be to get your own personal male grooming kit for example the Dart professional high power clipper that offers a superior cutting performance which ensures smooth shaves, bump prevention, painless and high-quality trims compared to other clippers. when I was shopping for the right trimmer this was recommended by a friend and the first thing I noticed is the close shave and precise shaping you get and It’s pain free.



For bump-free, shaving or grooming  machine suitable for black skin, I will recommend DART Professional quality cordless clipper and one good thing about DART is that the  batteries re-charges 40% faster and runs 30% longer than most available balding clippers. Check out their website at: www.dartprofessional.com to see the list of different air care products they offer that can help take proper care of your scalp without any concern for hair related infections and diseases.




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