The month of February brings a lot of positive Vybz especially during the Valentine week which is always a special time for showing some extra love on those we feel our life would be just incomplete without them. A lot of money is spent during this time because people cannot stop spending or spoiling their loved ones. Many businesses take the opportunity to make more money, for example flower shops, greeting cards shops, restaurants, supermarkets, gift shops just to mention a few but one business you will least expect to be making money during the love celebration period are divorce lawyers.

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According to research carried out by ‘Paymentsense’ a card payment company, last year figures revealed thousands of married couples filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day last year. Solicitors, attorneys and legal services saw the biggest trading increase of 549% on February 14, 2018 across a network of 70,000 businesses, which suggest that Valentine celebration could be a trigger for some married couples wanting to start their divorce process.

The legal sector surprisingly beat the florists sector on the busiest business during Valentine, See table below:

Busiest businesses over Valentine’s Day

  1. Solicitors, Legal Services, Attorneys
  2. Florists
  3. Bowling Alleys
  4. Cinema
  5. Amusement arcades
  6. Service stations
  7. Tourist attractions and exhibitions

So this is the thing, what could be the reason why some relationships are more likely to end instead of growing deeper and stronger during Valentine period and also who should be blamed for the increasing high rate of divorce at recent time, men or women? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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