The relationship between most african parents and their adult children is by its very nature a sweet and on going experience. African parents are known to tell their children what to do, what not to do, and how to behave no matter the age making sure they continue to put them in the right part. Meet Dr Pauline Long a Kenyan born UK based multi-award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, media mogul, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on BLACK WOMEN IN EUROPE POWER LIST. Dr Pauline was strongly advised to stay off Nigerians.



As a fresher in the UK she forgot about the luxury life she had known all her life coming from a middle class and well educated family with 10 siblings all having at least one degree certificate if not a master degree. Dr Pauline took a job as a maid chamber in a hotel and also a cleaning job to save up and build a life for herself having in mind that her father always said to her that she needed to work extra hard compared to her other siblings because of her petite physical appearance in fact he wanted her to study law so she can have a voice among people.

Dr Pauline show with DJ MIND D GAP

During this period she would run away by the mention of “Nai” let alone Nigeria even though the reason for the advice wasn’t clear but as a well brought up African girl she needed to follow orders from her parents. But all of this changed in 2006 when she met one Clifford Oche a nigerian transgender now known as Miss Sahhara Henson who got to hear about her efforts of trying to organise a beauty pageant in the UK with an aim to fundraise for children charities and advocate for child welfare in the East African region.


Dr Pauline Long Founder of the BEFFTA Awards

At first Dr Pauline was a bit skeptical because he is a Nigerian but after going through hard times of working on a big project on her own she realised she needed support and for the first time gave a Nigerian a chance. Never in her life had she seen a black African man as hardworking, caring, supportive and ambitious in her life as Clifford who took the job on himself from the beginning to the end and the event becoming the biggest African beauty pageant in the UK at the time. “Like the saying once you go black there is no going back”. Dr Pauline Long perception of Nigerians suddenly changed and she felt she had missed a lot all this while she refused to have a contact with Nigerians in her words “most of my friends are Nigerians in fact they’ve given her Nigerian names like Chinyere, Kemi and many more. But having said she still have a bit of reservations about Nigerians.

Dr Pauline Long with Sir Trevor Nelson receiving the BEFFTA awards

During the interview I asked again why did she think her father advised her against Nigerians. She paused for a moment and said “Nigerians are great people but the problem is they are not good to themselves, as they don’t trust each other, they envy each others progress in fact they gossip about one another even to her that she is not a Nigerian so it’s no surprise why this sort of attitude will be noticeable by non Nigerians because they won’t be spared either. She spoke about how some Nigerians are on her case, antagonising and even blocked her sponsorship for no reason despite the fact that Nigerians are the most celebrated by her award ceremony BEFFTA but yet they always trying to pull her down and not surprisingly she has been excluded by many awards for great women organised by Nigerians despite all her achievements within and outside the Nigerian community which brings up the question how credible some awards are.

Dr Pauline Long being interviewed by DJ MIND D GAP

Dr Pauline Long is the producer and host of the award-winning daytime global TV talk show “THE PAULINE LONG SHOW” (on BEN TV SKY CHANNEL 238 a platform that promotes community projects, good causes and highlight on people empowerment and global injustice. She has interviewed over 6000 UK, US and Africans politicians, showbiz personalities and extraordinary people.
She is the only person who has personally supported and awarded the most African, Caribbean and Asian talent in the UK and abroad as the founder of Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television, arts, sports and leadership (BEFFTA) which celebrates and promotes the achievements of a very talented and hard-working community often over looked in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts in USA, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean. In it’s 9th year, she has awarded over 6000 individuals and nominated over 10k to the community at large. Some high profile personalities honoured at BEFFTA Awards include the Jackson brothers, Quincy Jones, veteran broadcaster Sir Trevor McDonald OBE, Sir Lenny Henry, The first ever BBC Dr Who Director Waris Hussein, US producer and director Tyler Perry, Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, humanitarian former president of The Maldives Nasheed Mohamed and many more. I won’t be able to list all her achievements in this post alone so I’ve decide to create a link for all her achievements HERE. She has a beautiful and loving family which she dedicates most of her time to.

Dr Pauline Long Receiving a complementary Afrobeat Mix cd from DJ MIND D GAP

To round it up I would like your contribution on this: Is her dad right or wrong by advising her to be careful with Nigerians? please leave a comment below.
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