The news broke last week Thursday, after a young man took to social media sharing a video of how young boys now go to the extent of selling female panties for a huge sum of N200,000 for the purpose of rituals to Yahoo plus boys or G-boys.

It seems this is the new trend for boys seeking quick wealth.

The young man in the video advised ladies to be careful of how they spread their undies out and also to be wary of men that ask for their panties. He further stress that panties of a lady on her menstruation is worth N350,000, showing the depravity of these money seeking destroyers.

This kind of news makes one question if the values of hard work still carry weight in our society.

Research shows that this practise has been going on for quite a while now, earlier this year, a group of Internet fraudsters also known as ‘Yahoo-Yahoo Boys’ or ‘Ghana Burgers’, were arrested around Koko Junction in Warri, Delta State, on their way back from Oyo State, where they had gone to carry out rituals with used female panties and some other items.

Women are advised to trust nobody, not even their boyfriends.

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