A young man, Ejiblinks Ofoegbu, shared a heart breaking story of love with a chinese lady on facebook. The 22-year old Nigerian man and IPOB member, Ofoegbu, narrated how his 42-year old Chinese lover broke his heart which sent him into depression.

According to him, ‘she suddenly woke up one day and simply said she couldn’t be mine.’

Below is his highlight of what transpired between them;

“When she came into Nigeria from China for a Business transaction, she knew nobody here, she just came to import goods, sell and make some real cash.

Luckily for her, she met me and asked for help. I offered her help, gave her room to sleep in, and above all, protected her interest in a country full of bad guys looking for who to dupe.

She told me she is starting to fall for me, because of my humanitarian kind gesture towards her. I was 22 and she was 42, I knew age wasn’t a big deal. Fast forward to 2 months later, we started getting along as married couple.

When she was about to leave, she left some goods worth $80k for me to sell and transfer the proceeds back to her in China. That wasn’t my problem, my problem was her because staying with her makes my life worth living. Within 3 weeks, I sold all the goods because am very good in business. I made a total of $140k out of the $80k she was expecting.

I called her, sent all the money to her bank account in Shanghai, China. She was amazed at how much I sent. Yes! I sent all the money to her because I wanted to be with her till I begin to grow gray hair.

Fatal Accident claims life and injures 3 more on Ijebu-ode/Benin express way.

After about a month of sending the money, she suddenly woke up one day and simply said she couldn’t be mine. Her family wouldn’t approve of it. Our love wasn’t enough; am from Nigeria, and she’s a Chinese; am 22 and she’s 42.

She deactivated her Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.

I went into depression, nearly killed myself, but am glad, I didn’t. Nas Daily Videos helped me to cope and gradually get over the trauma.

I love her and will always do so. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to move on one day, and find happiness again in my life.”

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