Every generation will always think the decade of their childhood was the best but there is one generation that seems to differ and can be argued as the best decade to grow up, a generation that bridged the gap between the generation when everything was almost done manually and the generation where internet and technology took over.

This generation is so unique that So many things from this era had a great effect on entertainment, pop culture and the society as a whole.

Do you remember the era full of great catchphrases (“Wassup”)  or “let’s get jiggy with it”, TGIF (thank God is Friday)

Do you remember the era of the best bands and artists of all times, when Tupac told us to keep our head up and Biggie Smalls reminded us why the ladies called him “Big Poppa?

Do you remember the era that clothes were more than style statements. For example high-waisted ripped jeans, bike shorts,  windbreakers, bandannas, and combat boots, light-up sneakers, and backwards Chicago Bulls cap?

I think I have given you enough clue now click on page 2 below to take the generation test.

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