If you have ever tasted Christmas in Africa before, I bet you will agree with me that Christmas out of Africa is never the same. Naturally Africans love to do things big and Christmas is just the perfect time to enjoy and forget all the negativity and Challenges that has built up through the year, at least one time to come together and spend quality time while sharing lots of love with family, friends and neighbours. It doesn’t matter if you have money or not because there is always enough fun to go round in Africa.

Huge Sales of life Chicken is a symbol of Christmas Period in Nigeria

I remember my first Christmas as an African immigrant here in England, I almost cried. Everywhere was so dry, no public transport, no shops opened and if you are alone just know you will have to stare at the ceiling all day. Over the years I realised many Africans has been living like this for long in the UK and happy, if you can’t change the boring nature of Christmas day in England at least you can do something fun and meaningful during the holiday period.

Not a lot of event is available out there for the whole of the family looking at things from the perspective of an African parent, I mean a place you can attend that Daddy, mummy and the kids can have fun without no one feeling left out, but one event does. THE CHRISTMAS BALL EVENT BY CHRISTAINMENT. 

Christainment is an award winning organization that caters for the social life of Christians all over the world and will be having their annual Christmas ball, an event that delights in celebrating Christmas in grand style for the whole family.


dj mind d gap christmas ball

On the day families will be treated to a lovely evening of Dinner, comedy by the talented PASTOR DINO and dance music supplied by multi-award winner DJ MIND D GAP. Children are also carried along as they enjoy an amazing visit from SANTA who will be giving out loads of fun gifts along side will be a Children’s entertainer treating them to a magical Christmas experience. This is an event that every family will be looking forward to attend.

This year’s Ball will be taking place at the JURY’S INN, MIDSUMMER BOULEVARD MILTON KEYNES MK9 2HP on Sunday the 16th of December starting 4pm.

If you are in the UK you can treat yourself and the whole family to this wonderful event, either you choose to lodge in an hotel in the city or you make it a family day out.

The fees are:
Adults £35
Children under 12 £10 
Teens £17.50 
(All Inclusive the dinner, children’s entertainment and dance)
To book your family call NOW!! on 07341822247 or 07940740987

See you there!


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