There are situations in life that we are never prepared for as adults let alone a minor. Meet Dennis Godwin a Nigerian boy who is already a bread-winner of his family of 7 at the age of 11. While boys of his age are busy in school studying, Dennis will have to pack groundnuts to sell on the busy streets of Nigeria to sustain his family but little did he know that things are about to change when he met two selfless UK based individuals known for travelling to the most dangerous and poorest part of the country where nobody even in Nigeria dare go to make impact in the life of the less privileged.


Prince Adedapo Araromi and Oladayo Afolabi

Prince Adedapo Araromi, a seasoned financial adviser and Oladayo Afolabi, a legal practitioner are two gentlemen living comfortable lives and running their own successful businesses in the UK but felt the need to genuinely give back to a society that nurtured them to become who they are today, they wanted to do something different and they came up with the challenge of handling the bull by the horn by making it a duty to travel back to Nigeria annually.
Their destination wasn’t the usual LAGOS, ABUJA, LEKKI, VGC or PORTHACOURT  but the Internal displayed people camp (IDP) of people who had been rendered poor and homeless as a result of terrorism attack in most part of northern Nigeria.

JUST A LITTLE HELP giving out food and clothes at the IDP camp in Abuja

To raise awareness and get more people to support their mission and help as many less privileged people they come across, Prince Adedapo and Mr Oladayo under a non-profit organisation,’JUST A LITTLE HELP’, launched a POWER WALK INITIATIVE, the idea was to take a long Walk and raise fund for the IDP. the walk started from London to Lagos and then ABUJA. It was during this walk that the young Dennis met with the team and willingly decided to walk the 5 miles not knowing he was walking into hope.

Dennis Dancing for Joy after the news of a brighter future.


Fascinated by the courage and strength of the young Dennis,  Mr Oladayo developed interest in him out of curiosity, he was keen to find out why he wasn’t in school, that was how Dennis narrated the touching story of how his dad abandoned their family of seven and as the eldest in the family he had to drop out of school to raise money for his education, help his sick mum and feed his family by hawking groundnuts.


Touched by his story JALH bought all the groundnut off him, adopted him and decided to sponsor his education. See the video of Dennis dance of joy below after JUST A LITTLE HELP promised to secure his future.

There are many children in the same circumstances as Dennis all over the world but only few concerned or genuine individual and organisation are taking the fore front to make the needed change. According to Prince Adedapo Araromi in an interview with TVC NEWS, he said that one of the greatest challenge their project is facing, is lack of funds to penetrate more and to secure the future of more children like Dennis, he is encouraging other people in the diaspora to help so they can do more.

Prince Adedapo interviewed on TVC NEWS

If you are touched or impressed by Dennis’s story why not visit the JUST A LITTLE HELP WEBSITE @  to support with JALH you can offer and don’t forget to share this story to raise hope for all the  Dennis out there.

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