One thing that really bugs my mind when it comes to travelling to Nigeria is safety and security!. Even you can’t be sure if the Nigerian police can safeguard your fundamental human rights, in fact some criminals among the Naija police can strip you of your rights only for them to sell it and use it to drink garri and epa!  I’m sure I’m not alone on this. In the effort to re-enforce the importance of human rights in Nigeria, On the 24th of April, 2018, three prominent Nigerians where appointed as human right ambassador.

Yomi Fabiyi and DJ MIND D GAP in London

Yomi Fabiyi, a popular Nollywood actor was one of the 3 appointees that made the final list of over 23 nominees picked across the country to be a human rights ambassador. Yomi Fabiyi who has been playing a leadership role in the movie industry in Nigeria for many years, now he is seen as a very hardworking young man with the right energy to fight, speak up, defend and promote the fundamental Human Rights of every Nigerian citizen.

Popular Afrobeat singer Simi was one of the Selected human rights Ambassador

  Speaking to Dj mind d gap during his last visit to London, Yomi spoke about one of the movies he was working on, the remake of the popular and very educating hit movie “OMI ADAGUN’ (stagnant water). Produced by himself and was first released in 2005. The story was about his own personal life experience. The Movie talks about morals and lessons to all parents, showing how the decisions or actions taken by parents could have either a negative or positive impact on the life of a child when they become an adult.

Yomi Fabiyi at his office in Nigeria

Asking him why he is investing a lot to produce the movie again, he explained that the original movie, has a UK scene but it was improvised and shot in Nigeria now he wants to authenticate the movie and even make it better than the former.

The new casts include the best of both the UK and Nigeria movie industry. See some of the casts below:

From Left is Yomi Fabiyi (Nigeria) Yetunde Wunmi (Nigeria),  Laide Bakare (Nigeria), Baba Tee (Nigeria) , Bukola Adeeyo (Nigeria) ,Kenny George (UK / Nigeria) , She Baby (UK), Reloaded (UK), Lady Diamond (Noble police UK)

Congratulations to Nigeria and congratulations to Yomi Fabiyi.


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