Unwanted pregnancy can put a strain on any couple’s relationship, it doesn’t matter if it happens in a marriage, partnership, side thing, or friends with benefits. Female contraception has been a great solution but there are still few problems, for example forgetting to take pills, side effects, failing to stop pregnancy or a partner’s non-consensual pregnancy. The good news is that men can now have an ointment rubbed on the arms and leg which can stop them impregnating women which is a good alternative to Pills and other treatments.


A team at the University of Edinburgh led by Professor Richard Anderson has developed a contraceptive gel called NES/T, an hormone-based treatment designed to reduce sperm production without affecting libido. According to Professor Anderson, the gel can stop sperm production for at least four months and things can return to normal after six months, this will make it possible for men to share responsibility for avoiding unwanted pregnancies and give control over if they want to be a dad or not but women are unlikely  to trust men to use it correctly because they might not be bothered or forgetting to use it at all.


In response to this development Experts warned it should not replace condoms for casual sex because of the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are a Man aged between 18 and 50, who is in a stable relationship with a woman aged between 18 and 34, You are invited to participate in the trial of this new invention by calling 0161 276 3296 or 0131 242 2669.


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